Welcome to Authentically Altered!

Before we go any further I need to, as my pastor used to say, make it plain. I am a work in progress!! While I have been altered by the Author of life (Praise God!), I am still being remodeled, renewed, revived, and restored daily. Forever on the Potter’s wheel.

I do not profess to have it all together, have “arrived”, or have life figured out, much less to be the expert on anything. However, I do know the One to turn to when I need help and wisdom, the One who does have it all figured out (not perfect at this either though). I have been and continue to be transformed every day by God – through His Word, the power of the Holy Spirit and walking out my identity in Christ.

I share these ongoing “alterations” and how God brought me here (my experiences, struggles, revelations, trials, failures, and victories) out of obedience and to give glory and praise to God. My desire also is to encourage and inspire others that true transformation – mind, heart, body, and soul – is possible with God’s help.

A Little About Me

Hello there! My name is Angela. I was born, raised and currently reside in North Carolina. My husband, Mike, and I started dating in high school and have been married for almost 29 years now. We have one son, Colin, and in October of 2016, we were blessed with a daughter-in-love, Rebekah. We also have 2 spoiled rotten furbabies (dogs), Anna and Blue.

I am a Jesus girl, fully saved by grace but under construction in every other area of my life. I am passionate about God’s Word, my family, my church and women’s ministry (although that hasn’t always been the case, but more about that later…).

I love music (almost any kind), singing and dancing (although I am not very good at either), sunsets and sunrises, roller coasters, flowers and anything purple except grape flavoring (you know the artificial stuff…Yuck!). I like spending time with friends and family, running  “wunning” (that’s what I call it – a combination of running  & walking), stretching my creative side and trying new things. I like crafty things, DIY, and girly things, reading, and learning.

I am adventurous but shy, determined yet distracted, meticulous but messy. Like most women, a dichotomy of qualities and traits, depending on the season and situation.

Authentically Altered??

The name “Authentically Altered” was birthed from the transforming work God has done/is doing in my life. Remolding and refining me into the person He created me to be. The real me.

Why Authentically?

Dictionary.com defines authentic as genuine; real; not false or copied; representing one’s true nature or beliefs. For me being authentic means being real and vulnerable, my true self. It means approaching every area of life with sincerity and integrity. Being honest with self and others. Not hiding from the past but facing and gaining wisdom from it. Admitting when wrong, apologizing and hopefully learning from mistakes. It means not putting on a show, no fake facades to impress or compete, no airs or even attempts at perfection. No comparison of self to others.

Living authentically is knowing and embracing the God-designed fact we are made to be an original, one of a kind- including our strengths, weaknesses, flaws, faults, gifts, and talents. All fashioned into us uniquely by the Author of life– not to be hidden or squandered or leave us weak and worn out- but to point us back to Him.

Authentic is not a word I would use to describe most of my past, not even close. The former me was a fake knock-off of the original. A pointless, never-ending attempt to fit in. To “make” myself into who I thought others wanted me to be. Trapped and deceived by the lies of the enemy, the lies of the world. Striving for approval and perceived perfection. Struggling with fear, anger, and addiction. Hiding, compromising and manipulating my way through life. Alterations were required!!!

What About Altered?

My definition of altered is transformed, changed, adapted. Altered is defined by the  English Oxford Dictionary as changed or caused to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

My transformation has been a slow, challenging process. An arduous journey. A series of small changes, made in tiny increments – day by day, bit by bit, resulting in a complete overhaul. God has chipped and chiseled away at all the fake facades, the lies I was hiding behind and deceived by, and the fear that had me trapped.

E V E R Y thing about me is different. My attitude, my heart, my thoughts, my words, my appearance. How I interact with others, handle trials, and approach life. All changed. I have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I truly am a new creation. A restored daughter. And God is not finished with me yet.

The Change

The authentically altered me, the “real me”, began to take shape while enduring (what seemed like a never-ending, ever-changing) season of trials. BUT GOD… He had a plan. In the suffering, there was stretching, strengthening. I discovered my One True Source. In the pain, there was purpose. I learned perseverance. In the burden, there was blessing. I grew in bravery and boldness. In the testing, there was transformation. My testimony expanded.

These trials, the refining process, opened wide my eyes, heart, and mind to revelations of who I am in Christ. The love of God. The power and truth of His Word. The comfort and power of the Holy Spirit. This is not a one and done deal, not at all. It is a daily choice to believe what God’s Word, the Truth, says about who I am and Whose I am, to walk out my identity in Christ.

Being authentically altered is a lifelong process. As we deepen our relationship with God, learn more about His Word and experience the love of Jesus, we are continually transformed.

Why here? Why now? Why Me?

Knowing our identity in Christ and the Truth of God’s Word are the cornerstones of living authentically altered. We each have a God-sized, a God-shaped hole in our hearts, in our souls that can ONLY be filled by Him, by Them – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

All the other searching for love and comfort, striving for affirmation and approval, struggling with addictions to drugs, food, work, sex, worldly possessions, and entertainment – all efforts to fill this hole, this void. A void that will never be satisfied until we grasp the Truth. Until we know and understand our identity in Christ. Until we let God and only God fill the hole.

My goal is to help women grab hold and never let go of their identity in Christ and the Truth of God’s Word. To encourage others to let God fill the holes in their hearts, in their souls, in their lives. To inspire them to believe that transformation is possible with God’s help. And to walk it out day by day. To witness the Potter reshaping and remolding each of us into our Authentically Altered selves.

Why you? Why us?

SO for those feeling stuck, lost, lonely, unloved or unwanted. For the hurting, the overlooked, those who have hidden away because you thought you were too much or not enough. For those struggling with insecurity, addiction, fear or anger.  If you have fallen prey to the lies of the enemy and of the world. If you doubt that God knows, loves, cares or even sees you. You are not alone. I have been there. In every one of these places. And still battle with some of them.

Let’s face it – life in this fallen world is hard. But there is hope! There is Truth!

In 1 Peter 5:10, we are alerted to the suffering but also given a promise of hope, of restoration: “In His kindness, God called you to share in His eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, He will restore, support, and strengthen you, and He will place you on a firm foundation.” (NLT) 

As God continues to alter and restore me. To reveal His Word and promises to me. To show me who I am and Whose I am, I would love to share it with you. To walk this path out together as we focus on the One Source of all hope and transformation.

Will you join me in being Authentically Altered into who God designed us to be?

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