Faith or Fearful Feelings – You Choose

Our current situation in the world (the coronavirus {COVID-19} pandemic) feels like the plot of a sci-fi movie. One we could have never pictured personally living out. But none of this caught God off guard. He’s known since the beginning of time we would be right here, right now, for such a time as this. As believers, we have a choice to make. We can have the peace that only comes from Jesus or panic in these uncertain times. We can choose faith or fearful feelings.

Live Each Day Like It’s THEIR Last

No one likes to think about death – theirs or anyone else’s. But every day, we are all closer to death than we were the day before. The Gift of a Day Every day is a gift. The harsh reality … Read More

My Battle with Mondays

Not sure how I fell into the dreaded Monday trap. On Sunday- my to-do list seems doable, plans plausible & “gung-ho” goals achievable. When the reality of another week sets in, I feel defeated and deflated before I even start.

Image by Shift and Sheriff from Pixabay

FOBO – Fear of Being Overlooked

You’ve heard of FOMO right? What about FOBO? The fear of being overlooked. Fear of being ignored or forgotten, of not being included.
The fear that all our hard work, efforts, and striving will not be acknowledged. That we will be unseen, unheard, unsung, and unnoticed. Fear we will be looked over or left out.

Good Friday… Why?

As I pondered all that Holy week and Easter represent – the hope, freedom, and redemption, but also the sadness and suffering. I wondered “Good Friday” – why do we call it good… (Side note: There are speculations on the … Read More

photo credit Sergey Nivens

The WORD is Wisdom

We can unearth so much in the Bible. Why? Because the Word of God is wisdom.
It contains wisdom, was written with wisdom (God-breathed, Holy Spirit inspired), and will guide us to wisdom. It shows us how to gain knowledge and apply it to our lives.

What’s in The WORD (God’s Word)?

We’ve all heard it before… “Read the Bible.” “Study scripture.” “Spend time with God, in God’s Word.” But why? What is contained in God’s Word that is so important? So useful that these expressions are and have been repeated over … Read More