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It’s 4 am. “Lord, why am I awake this early? I had at least another hour to sleep,” I whine. A quick flash of words from a podcast I heard the day before – we need a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Something tangible documenting our prayer requests and God’s answers.  

More thoughts trickle in. A sermon series on “building” altars. Marking encounters with God and answered prayers, either by a physical representation or making a mental note of the location, so whenever we come upon the object or place, we remember the faithfulness of God. How He met us in our time of need.

My mind is then flooded with memories of October 2016. Three years ago.

We were struggling financially. My husband had left a job after 5 months of being paid sporadically at best. He was owed approximately $40,000 and had finally reached his limit with the lies and empty promises of his boss, the owner of the company. Despite 3 months of job searching, he had no prospects on the horizon, and our bills just kept piling up. Add in the commitment to help pay for my son’s wedding, and our mountain of debt felt insurmountable. All the prayers and tears, the worries and frustration. It seemed hopeless at times.

God then reminds me of all the answered prayers of that season. An unexpected check to pay for health insurance. Food from our friends and church family when we needed it. Divine favor for the wedding gown and mother-of-the-groom dress. Financial help for wedding expenses.

Fast forward to today. We are able to pay all our bills, and our credit has been restored. Our emergency fund has been replenished and then some. And we can help others who are struggling financially. My husband has an excellent job at a thriving company and an amazing boss. Although there were MANY twists, turns, and bumps in the road to get here, they were all in preparation for where we are now.

Promises of Faithfulness

The Bible is filled with examples of God’s faithfulness. Documentation of answered prayers. Of people building altars and offering sacrifices of praise when God fulfilled His promises. The Bible is evidence of the faithfulness of God over thousands of years and has stood as a reminder for thousands more. It serves as an example of the impact recording His consistent loyalty and presence can have for generations to come.  

We need to follow the precedent set in the Bible. The example of prayer and creating a palpable remembrance of the outcome. Through this, we are collecting evidence of God’s faithfulness.

These tangible reminders are not for God. He knows we prayed, and He is well aware of how and when He answered. It is for us. For you and me, for those around us, and for those following behind. God hears our requests and answers, which helps build our faith and gives us hope and strength to persevere.

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God Answers Prayer

Does God answer prayer? Most definitely! Does God answer all prayers? Yes!

His replies: “Yes.” “No.” or “Wait, not now.”

The answer may not be the response we want, but we must trust that God’s response is the wisest. The one needed to accomplish His plan. The best solution for kingdom purpose.

If He answers all prayer, why do we need proof? We need reminders of His faithfulness when life gets hard.

Proof Needed

If He answers all prayer, why do we need proof? We need reminders of His faithfulness when life gets hard. When we or someone we know is struggling in the waiting or when we are weary in prayer, we now have definitive confirmation that God has come through in the past. His promise is, He always will. 

Our tangible evidence can remind someone God is always good and always faithful. He will give us what we need at precisely the right time. It may not be how we envisioned, but He meets every need according to His great plan and always ultimately for our good.

So, here’s my proof. With an obedient heart, I am testifying to the faithfulness of God, to answered prayers. Again, the answers were not when or how we expected them, but they were in God’s timing. I am praising Him for carrying us through a difficult season and reflecting on all the promises He has fulfilled over the years.

What’s Next?

So, how can we acknowledge God’s faithfulness? Obviously, the first thing we need to do is pray. Take our requests to God. He is always with us, waiting for us to talk to Him. Next, document our prayer requests consistently. Pick one place and try to stick to it – a notebook, prayer journal, calendar, phone app, in our Bible. Then when God answers (not if, but when), mark that down too. If we are writing our requests down regularly, we are more likely to also record His response to our pleas.

Or if God gives us an answer in a specific place, etch that in our minds so whenever we return to that place, we will recall His promise fulfilled (If you are like me, you probably still want to write it down somewhere… memory isn’t what it used to be.) We could make a physical altar as well, but be sure to share it with someone for posterity.

In either case, we will have a tangible reminder of God’s faithfulness. Then praise Him for answered prayers and give Him glory by testifying to others.

How do you stand on God’s promises and remember His faithfulness? If God has answered your prayers, did you create physical evidence that you can refer back to? I would love to hear from you! Please comment below or email me at angela@authenticallyaltered.com.

If you have any questions about prayer; God’s faithfulness; or trusting God with your life, your struggles, and your future; please email me at angela@authenticallyaltered.com. If you’d like to know more about or accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior also email me at the address above.

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