Good Friday… Why?

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As I pondered all that Holy week and Easter represent – the hope, freedom, and redemption, but also the sadness and suffering. I wondered “Good Friday” – why do we call it good…

(Side note: There are speculations on the historic reason, but my thought and pondering are represented here.)

What’s So Good About It?

Good Friday is the day we reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus so how is that “good?” Well without it the crucifixion and death there is no resurrection. No sacrifice or payment for our sins, therefore we have no hope. No eternity in heaven, no relief or release from this fallen world. Only sin and death and permanent separation from the Father.

So, my determination (and thus the resulting poem) – Friday’s good ‘cause Sunday’s coming.

Friday’s Good “Cause

How’s Friday good with death forthcoming?

Jesus nailed on the cross, His blood running.

Friday’s ONLY good ‘cause Sunday’s coming.


“It is finished,” His final groan.

Debt paid in full. Our sin atoned.

Friday’s good ‘cause love was shown.


The sting of death was mandatory,

But it’s not the end of this story.  

Friday’s good! All for God’s glory.


Three days Jesus laid without a sound.

The tomb now empty. No body found.

Friday’s good. Let hope abound!


His Life, death, and revival each play their part.

In our salvation – Jesus in our hearts.

Friday’s good – where Good News starts!


Eternal life – the promise spoken.

The power of sin forever broken.

Friday’s good ‘cause heaven opened.


For my redemption, His life was given.

In the book of Life, my name is written.

Friday’s good ‘cause He is risen.

One day in heaven I will arrive.

See Jesus standing at our Father’s side.

Friday’s good ‘cause He’s alive!


Upon that day of my homecoming,

Into His arms I will go running.

Friday’s good ‘cause Sunday’s coming!

What’s Next?

If you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior or have questions about how you will spend eternity, please email me  I would be honored to help.

Let’s remember and celebrate all that the Lord and Jesus have done for us this weekend and every day! Here are 2 of my favorite Easter/Resurrection Day songs:


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