My Battle with Mondays

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            Moving from Mundane & Melancholic            to Motivated & Mission-Minded

I don’t know how, why, or exactly when but somewhere along the line, I contracted a case of the Monday blues. I don’t have a Monday thru Friday job. Don’t have kids in school or some awful task I have to complete every Monday. So it’s unclear how I got snared by the dreaded Monday trap.

But alas, here I am… I hate Mondays. Well, hate is a strong word. I dislike the Monday funk and the resulting fall out.

I don’t necessarily even dislike the thought of Monday before the day arrives. No, on Sunday, I have grand plans for the day ahead. I set goals, make out my to-do list, have my day and week all planned out. But when the sun comes up Monday morning, my good intentions evaporate with the morning dew. My motivation whisked away by a thief in the night. The blahs set in, and it may take me the entire day (or maybe 2 or 3) to recapture momentum.

Before I realize it, the Monday funk has set in. The wheels are set in motion. Yet another week is off to a miserable start.

Why the Battle

So what happens between Sunday evening and Monday morning? What happened to my drive to crush week? To the potential I had envisioned just a few hours earlier? To my plans and goals for a marvelous Monday? Why the change of heart?

Am I dreading what’s in front of me or regretting what I didn’t accomplish last week? Did I push too hard over the weekend and exhaustion is to blame? Is my ever-expanding to-do list drowning me down in the sea of dread? 

Why do I hate Mondays? Disdain for the mundane and the melancholy of missed opportunities.

Disdain for the Mundane

Monday suggests the start of a new cycle. But rather than focus on the new… I focus on the cycle. Like here we go again, another week to trudge through. 

Cooking and cleaning. Appointments and meetings. Phone calls and emails. Deadlines and details. And yes, all those things can happen any day of the week (or on the weekend for that matter). But it’s like Monday is the starting line for a never-ending race. We just keep circling the track. Doing the same things (or that’s how I perceive it) over and over. It’s mundane. 

I detest the mundane. Mundane lead to NO motivation for this chick. Monday = Munday and my motivation declares mutiny.

Melancholy of Missed Opportunities

For some, Monday is a clean slate. A chance to start or restart something. And on Sundays, I am on board.  

In the warm glow of a productive weekend and a day usually filled with fellowship and family time; my to-do list seems doable, my plans plausible and my “gung-ho” goals achievable. However, when the reality of another week sets in, I feel defeated and deflated before I even start. 

Some people see all the potential in Mondays. But through the telescope of my Monday melancholy,  I just see regrets from last weeks leftover to-do lists. I glare at all the unmet goals and expectations.  I spot the fear of new disappointments and failures on the horizon.

Negativity navigates the trajectory of my day. The regrets of Mondays past continue to pile up. A pattern, a habit, a self-perpetuating funk I keep repeating. Missed opportunities become obstacles in my path, and I get off course.

How to Fight the Funk

Do you ever struggle with the Monday funk? (Or with feeling stuck in general?) How can we change our Mondays?  How can we stop this cycle and leave the Monday funk behind? 

Well, like most things, it starts with perception, with mindset.

If we want a different result, we have to change our approach and our actions. We need to reframe our thinking, alter our attitude, look at life through a different lens. Know our mission and find a way to stay on course. Find and maintain our motivation so, at the end of the day, we don’t regret our Mondays.


What is your mission? Why are you here? On the earth? In this place? At this time? What is your God-given purpose? 

All huge questions… maybe too big to tackle on a Monday (or at least in just one Monday). However, if we know the answers to these questions or even have an idea of our purpose in this particular season. Or if we use Mondays as a day to discover these answers, we can focus on our mission, stay the course, and keep the Monday funk at bay. 

How to Stay Mission-Minded
    • Start the day with and stay connected to God
      • Spend time with God first thing in the morning. We can never go wrong with praying or reading God’s Word as soon as we wake up. It sets the tone for the day and centers our mind on what is true and essential. 
      • Ask God to direct your day. To show you His plan and agenda for your day. Then listen and obey. Remember He can see the big picture while we have a very limited view. He knows our God-given mission and can point us in the right direction if we let Him.
      • Frequently check in with God during the day. Again this will keep us on course, keep the negativity out, and leave the funk without a foothhold.
    • Dream big (and small)
      • Thinking about the possibilities for our future and setting applicable goals can keep us mission-focused. 
      • Dream about the long-term and short-term and set reasonable goals but also goal that will stretch you. It helps to have some short-term achievable goals when trying to break out of a funk. The success will motivate you to keep going. 
    • Stir your passions
      • What are you passionate about? What stirs your soul? Our passions, interests, and hobbies likely have some part to play in our mission and God-given purpose. 
      • If you are creative, Mondays (or anytime you are feeling down or stuck) is a great time to get those creative juices flowing. Write, paint, play an instrument, cook, whatever gets you excited about life. Granted you may have to put a time limit on it but spend an hour on your passions instead of that hour on social media and I bet your perspective about Monday and life, in general, will be totally different.
    • Encourage health
      • If we want to accomplish our mission, we have to be healthy. No time for sickness and fatigue. So do something that will positively affect your health on Mondays – exercise, eat a good breakfast, drink plenty of water. Each healthy choice will likely encourage another. 
      • Go outside if possible. Fresh air always brings a new perspective. And sun exposure increases some of the “feel good” chemicals in our brains. Obviously, use sunscreen when applicable, please. But even 5-10 minutes outside can change your mood and hold back the Monday funk.

Mine & Maintain Motivation

Inertia is hard to overcome, and motivation can be elusive. However, momentum is also difficult to stop. So what’s the answer? Basically, just get started. Today. Right now. No more procrastinating. As the old Nike commercial said, “Just do it!” Do something. Do anything to break the cycle, head down a new path, and move forward. 

We need to find, to unearth, to mine our motivation. And then keep it going.  

Our minds are usually the limiting factor (at least mine is). Rather than starting right now, we waste time on the what-ifs and if-only. What if I had followed thru on this last Monday, last week, last year.  If only I had more money, time, education… All pointless in this present moment and none helpful in fighting the Monday funk. 

If we can harness the potential of the present moment and stop looking backward, we can change our outlook and subsequently our outcome. If we can focus on the possibilities of the future rather than the failures of the past, we can make choices that positively affect the rest of this Monday, tomorrow and many Mondays to come. This is how we mine and maintain our motivation, one choice at a time. 

How to Mine & Maintain Motivation
    • Practice gratitude
      • At the beginning of the day or any time the funk is trying to creep in
      • Write down or speak out loud 3 (or 5 or 10) things you are grateful for in the present moment. Physically writing them out or vocalizing them aloud so you also hear it elicits a different response than just thinking them to yourself. 
      • There are so many benefits to gratitude – everything from improving your physical and mental health to improving your relationships. We should practice this at least daily and specifically if you feel stuck or have a case of the blahs, be it Monday or any other day. 
    • Find beauty
      • Get up in time to see the sunrise. The beautiful colors and splendor will awaken your soul to the possibilities of the day ahead. 
      • Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Sit them on your desk at work or if you are at home each time you look at them, smile and remember this is a marvelous Monday, filled with potential and possibilities. 
    • DO NOT try to accomplish the mundane on Monday
      • In case you didn’t get the point from above – Nothing sucks the wind out of my sails on Monday like the mundane.
      • My advice, if at all possible, don’t do tasks or chores that are mundane or demotivating for you on Monday. For me, that means no washing clothes or grocery shopping on Monday if at all possible.
    • A feasible to-do list
      • *FYI – My husband is shouting “Amen!” right now. He gets on me about this all the time. 
      • I’ve found the second thing that consistently sucks the joy out of my Monday (or any other day for that matter) is a vast, insurmountable list of things I need to do. Ending the day with a still full to-do list is detrimental to my motivation. 
      • A master to-do list and a daily to-do list is a good idea. On the master, you can brain-dump all the things that eventually need to get done. But on the daily to-do list, have only the top 3 or 5 things that must be accomplished today.
          • Hint: Check your daily to-dos. Are they humanly possible and reasonable for your current situation? ( If your 3 tasks are painting all of downstairs, clean out 4 closets upstairs and power-wash the house… not humanly possible. I realize that’s extreme, but our (my) to-do lists are often almost as unrealistic in regards to the sheer amount of time things take.) 
    • Plan something to look forward to
      • Anticipation can keep us upbeat and motivated for the day and task ahead
          • Plan a lunch date with a friend for Monday afternoon
          • Have dinner out with your husband/family on Monday.
      • Reward yourself. Positive reinforcement for completing a task or goal can keep us motivated.
          • Make sure your goal or task is achievable and concrete (See feasible to-do list)
          • Have a sensible reward as well. For example, vegging out in front of the TV for 3 hours if you stay motivated for 2 hours kind of defeats the point. 
    • Accountability
      • Let someone know you are struggling with the Monday funk and ask if they would be willing to check in with you during the day on Monday or that evening to see how you did.
      • Having to recount our day with someone may be just enough motivation to get us over the hump when our minds start to lean to the negative, and our determination begins to fade.

What’s Next?

Do you want to be free of the unmotivated, mundane Monday trap? I know I do. 

God’s Word tells us to focus on what is lovely, noble, and excellent.  And the Monday funk is none of those. 

So, I have to reframe my Mondays. I can choose to make it a new start, a restart, or a jump start. Or I can make it a dead-end, going nowhere depressing mess. The choice is mine. The choice is yours. 

I would love to hear from you about your Mondays! Please comment below: Are you motivated by Mondays? If so, any advice would be appreciated. If you struggle with Mondays, please let me know if any of this helped. I am putting some of these into practice and will let you know my progress in my battles with Mondays!

If you know someone who struggles with Mondays, please share this post with them via email or social media so they know they are not alone. 

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